2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Release Date

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Release Date

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Release Date – The Jeep plans for “Hawk ” Your line of sports utility vehicles is perhaps the best of this company. We already know the variants of Trailhawk and Trackhawk. All of them are offering some amazing appearances and abilities. However, Jeep plans to use the Deserthawk package on the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models. The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Deserthawk will reach the markets at the beginning of 2020.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Release Date

However, Deserthawk is not the whole new thing. The concept started in 2015, and the Renegade Jeep 2017 already had that variant. Deserthawk is a “sand performance” model with better capabilities. This is not an appearance package, no, far from it. Add paint and special graphics but it’s not everything. Deserthawk also adds rock rails, class III tow Pack and “Roca ” driving mode.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Outdoor Upgrades

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk will come only with minor upgrades. However, Jeep confirmed the Deserthawk model and now things are getting interesting. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Deserthawk 2020 is based on eight specific desert engineering standards. The goal is to deliver more speed and better sand capacity. For that reason, some things will change, significantly. The outside will look more aggressive, you will have drag hooks.

Well, this is more or less the same, but the hooks are orange in the model Deserthawk. The front and rear fascia will suffer almost nothing. However, the most aggressive side rails are visible, along with the larger BFGoodrich-terrain tires. The driving height rises 2 inches and this model will have LED fog lights. The hood adds a large air extractor and the front part has huge openings.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk The inside

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee Deserthawk 2020 will have the same interior as the base model. However, this variant comes with a little more luxury and offers a different interior scheme. The leather seats are available and the Deserthawk logo is visible in every part of the cabin. The interior accents of Moroccan sun are also in the offer and those accents look beautiful.

The outdoor roof of My Sky is standard along with rugs for all types of weather. In addition to these improvements, the rest of the interior is the same. The new Grand Cherokee will receive an update of the information and entertainment system and some additional security aids.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Powertrain

It is still a mystery which engine will drive the upcoming model Jeep Grand Cherokee Deserthawk 2020. The Grand Cherokee base comes with a 3.6-liter V6 that generates 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. In addition, a 3.0-liter diesel unit is available and returns 240 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque.

The Renegade Deserthawk Jeep, on the other hand, offered a Tigershark of 2.4 liters. Jeep likes to implement this type of engine that offers 184 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque. A 9 speed automatic transmission with all three types of engines and than the sand variant will probably get a different type of gearbox.

The Tigershark engine offers 31 miles per gallon on the road, which is a good figure. All Jeep engines are available with a well-known Select-Terrain management system. That means the next Deserthawk offers different driving modes.

You can switch between sport, snow, sand/mud and auto modes. On the other hand, Jeep added a rock mode lately. It’ll be interesting to see which engine will deploy Jeep. According to the latest speculations, Jeep will seek to add a class III towing package as well.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Deserthawk Price and release date

The price of the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Deserthawk will begin at $10.000 on the price of the base model. Knowing that the base model will cost a little over $30.000. For that reason, the Deserthawk model will have a price of around $40.000. This variant will be released in the first quarter of 2020.